to Project Troubador


Project Troubador uses live performance to facilitate intercultural understanding. Throughout the developing world, for the millions of people who long to believe that there are those in the "land of plenty" aware of their circumstance, Project Troubador is hope from afar. Through movement, laughter and song, our programs create a common ground for enjoying our differences and accessing the feeling of global harmony. Within these fleeting but highly impressionable moments, there is a warmth and a willingness with infinite possibilities.

If we could take each of you with us up a river in Africa or through the mountains of South America, we think that you would immediately sense the value of this grassroots initiative... the way in which it forms a bond that all of us, on both sides of the significant divide between our worlds, can feel. In lieu of that possibility, what follows is our best effort to have you experience something of this work for yourself, to "see it with your own eyes, to hear it with your own ears". Thank you for coming this far, have a look at what we're up to... and join us as we go forward.